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Are you the masterful leader who asks great questions

Are you a masterful leader who asks great questions and then truly listens?

Curiosity is a superpower.

Wisdom asks great questions.

Masterful Leaders ask questions and then truly listen for the answers. Then they ask more questions to be sure they fully understand the person’s answer. They create shared and new understandings.

A masterful leader finds value in the answers they hear, they are open to being changed by the conversation.

The other person feels heard and understood. They feel valued and appreciated because the leader was curious and wanted to know what they had to say.

I’ve just described how a foundational element of the Alignment Process works in practice. Organizations with a culture of alignment create teams that work better together. Work is aligned and coordinated towards shared goals.

Companies with a culture of alignment find their people are more engaged, more innovative, more committed, and more accountable as they work better toether.

It’s not easy. But the change can happen more quickly than you imagine.

Imagine this:

  • Everyone contributes. The introverts speak up, the extraverts listen.
  • Concerns are voiced and addressed.
  • Decisions are made with clarity. The teams commitment to the decision has been made visible.
  • Silos break down. Compliments flow with ease.
  • Meetings that repeat the content and agreements from previous meetings are eliminated.
  • A path towards your vision can be found even in the face of overwhelm, uncertainty and doubt.

Quick questions: How would you score your organization against the the ideas in the above 6 bullets? What are the costs of not performing in these areas?

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Ken Roseboom

Ken Roseboom is the President of Thinking Partners. He partners with leaders to increase impact, create aligned teams, and deliver better results. He leverages the Alignment process, assessment tools, expert coaching, and years of front line leadership experience to support his clients.