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Yet another day of being responsible(1)

Yet another frustrating day of being responsible for what you can’t control

I’ve been contemplating the distinctions between responsibility and control lately. Fact is, as leaders and humans we are responsible for far more than we control. As a leader, you are responsible for P&L, schedule, budget, retention, safety, customer success, etc. But do you really control these outcomes?

Can you be accountable for what you cannot directly control? BTW, Masterful Leaders say “yes”.

Consider that Managing is focused on predicting and controling, while Leading is focused on relationships, conversations and culture.

Both managing and leading are essential. Each has a different mindset and skillset.

What is the cost of a manager focused on controling the uncontrolable? What is the impact of a leader who isn’t knowledgeable of their territory and the keys to delivering desired results?

Masterful Leaders consciously shift between managing and leading.

Many people rise to greater responsibility via their experience and knowledge. They are recognized for their accuracy and problem solving capability. They have great outcomes on what they can measure and control.

They then find the new role with greater accountability has the reality of being in less control. Masterful Leadership is imperative if they are to continue thriving.

Masterful Leaders consciously shift between managing and leading.

Leadership is the art and science of inspiring committed and aligned action to achieve a clear vision.

Many thanks to a short post from Mike Edwards for inspiration on responsibility and control.

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Ken Roseboom

Ken Roseboom is the President of Thinking Partners. He partners with leaders to increase impact, create aligned teams, and deliver better results. He leverages the Alignment process, assessment tools, expert coaching, and years of front line leadership experience to support his clients.