Leadership Coaching:
Become A Better Leader

"Leadership: The Art And Science Of Inspiring Committed And Aligned Action Towards A Clear Vision." - Patty Beach

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I know how frustrating leadership can be. I can imagine you thinking:

“No matter what I do, they are still not meeting expectations.”

“We have to make this change. Why can’t they just get it and do it?”

“Here we go again, my boss doesn’t understand and my colleagues aren’t on the same page.”

“I thought we had an agreement. WTF!”

“Free some time up for the new task? You are kidding right?”

“It feels like I’m constantly fire-fighting. Progress is hard to see.”

Frequently you go home frustrated, knowing the next day is bringing more of the same. The impact is killing your motivation, creativity, and satisfaction. Your team and the organization are suffering also…..

Clients seek coaching because they want positive change and new results.
When you engage Thinking Partners we work together to produce the desired changes and future you want.

Improving Your Leadership Skills Can
Change Everything For The Better

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We work with leaders to strengthen their skills so that they get these kinds of results

A committed team of “accountable owners”

Thriving 24/7 - not just at work, but at home too!

Aligned relationships with bosses, peers, customers, and your team

Confident decision-making skills

More ease with difficult conversations, presentations, and day-to-day communications

When you strengthen your leadership skills, everything gets better.

The leadership journey creates a bigger life for you and the people in your life.

Our purpose is to guide and partner with you on that journey.


Before Coaching

Spending too much time motivating others

Overwhelmed – under-resources & over committed

Feeling like an “impostor” in a new role

Frustrated with your boss & coworkers

Not ready or not clear on your next move

Struggling or procrastinating with decisions

Avoiding or stumbling in important conversations


After Coaching

Your team is engaged and self motivated

You are thriving 24/7

Confidence in a new role or new responsibilities

Higher trust with customers, bosses, peers, and your team

Clarity in your direction and your next move

A decision-making champion

More at ease with difficult conversations

If These Changes Were Easy You Would Have Done Them Already

What Clients Have Said About Coach Ken

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I hired Ken because I personally benefited from his coaching when I was stuck and not making any progress finishing my book. Ken used his knowledge of the Enneagram to coach me out of my excuses and discover a part of myself that loved writing!

Since I got my book done, I’ve enjoyed watching Ken become an alignment super user. He truly delivers a powerful package, coach, trainer, alignment practitioner, and fun human to work with.

I appreciate that Ken always listens first. I’ve worked with other executive coaches in the past and it often seemed like they were following a script. Ken takes a more tailored approach. He asks questions to make sure that we’re going to focus on what is important and relevant to ME.

He’s also genuine. He walks his talk by embodying what he teaches.

I especially appreciate Ken’s high-quality feedback. It can be hard to find people who are neutral, candid, and skilled in this area. He’s also easy to connect with – which is important in a relationship like this.

I’ve met very few people in my life that I’ve been really in awe of how good they are at what they do – and Ken is one of those people. He has the knowledge, the skills, and the emotional intelligence to make things happen. I’m really thankful for his support. And I’m happy that he can put all his talents to use to make such a powerful impact for people.


What to Expect When You Work One-on-One with Coach Ken

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Leadership is a performance art. The best performers have a cadre of supporters, mentors, and coaches.
Leadership is a lifelong endeavor requiring humility and bold action.

Leadership coaching is a transformational journey that moves you from where you are to where you want to be as a leader.

I work with individual clients who are motivated to create change for themselves and their world.

If you choose to work with me:

Expect to be challenged as we work as partners to create your desired results.

Expect to be treated with unconditional positive regard.

Expect to be held accountable.


There Are 3 Primary Areas We
Will Focus On Together

  • Know Yourself Better
  • Be a Better Leader
  • Deliver Impact And Results

One-on-One Personal Coaching With Ken Roseboom Is Right For You If:

You’ve tried other ways to “change” with disappointing results.

You want focused and customized support from a coach with “life experience.”

You are ready for intense one-on-one support and are ready to do your work.

You want to crystalize an inspiring vision for your future and be held accountable for action.

Interested in how coaching can benefit your career and life?
Let’s Talk.

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Coaching requires a level of trust and compatibility. Our first step
together is a 1:1 call to see if we’re a good fit. You can click the
link below to book that call.

Interested in how coaching can benefit your career and life?
Let’s Talk.

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Coaching requires a level of trust and compatibility. Our first step
together is a 1:1 call to see if we’re a good fit. You can click the
link below to book that call.


“Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it."

James Baldwin