Thinking Partners: Because Collaborative
Thinking Leads To Better Results

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As the name of the company implies, we offer our clients a Thinking Partner.

Leadership can be a lonely undertaking.
As a leader, you carry a lot of responsibility. Your team is counting on you. You may be under pressure from your boss or board.

Who do you talk to?
Our clients often call us their sounding board. Someone they can run their ideas past who can point out things they may have overlooked or ask questions to help them clarify their thinking.

why you need a thinking partner

Get Feedback And Perspective From A Neutral Third Party

Sometimes the value comes from simply “talking it out” - as one of our clients put it:

“I find it helpful to have Ken validate that I am notionally headed in the right direction.”

But mostly it comes from honest feedback, delivered compassionately.

“Ken offers high-quality feedback. It can be hard to find people who are neutral, candid, and skilled in this area.”

If you’d like to have a Thinking Partner on YOUR side, let’s talk.


Thinking Partners History

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Thinking Partners is a coaching and consulting firm founded in 2003 by Bruce Anderson and Judith O’Connor. Bruce has a background in the Army, as well as extensive experience in Human Resources and Organizational consulting. Judith's career includes management roles at General Electric and as an Executive Director for a non-profit organization. Both Bruce and Judith share a passion for leadership, which led them to the coaching profession.

They are proud founding members of the International Coaches Federation and have obtained multiple credentials for personal and team assessments. In addition, they are both Master Certified Coaches with the ICF, a testament to their expertise in coaching.

Bruce's initiative and leadership skills are demonstrated by his role as a founding member of the Houston ICF Chapter and involvement in various personal development groups. Judith is an author, with her Power to Act blog providing valuable insights on personal and professional development. She is also actively involved in the Diamond Approach program for spiritual development.

Bruce and Judith are now retired, and Ken Roseboom now owns Thinking Partners.

Ken is proud to carry on with the original Thinking Partners Mission Statement below.

“​​As leadership coaches, we create a brave space for leaders and teams to consciously explore and integrate tools, knowledge, and opportunities to grow and prosper.”

Bruce has retired, however, he loves to hear from his vast network of friends and clients. He can be contacted at

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