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Thinking Partners delivers memorable programs that "stick"

We take pride in partnering with you to deliver the event experience and results you want. We design memorable events where audiences are transformed into participants. Our measure of success is when your people are energized and inspired to new actions.

Presentations and workshops with Ken Roseboom

All presentations and workshops can be customized for your group.

If you offer workshops and need a co-facilitator or breakout leader, Ken is available to assist.

Meeting Facilitation

Some leadership teams benefit from having a facilitator or observer at their team meetings.

Coaches provide more effective service when they can observe their team interact.


Presentation and Workshop Examples

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Examples of interactive keynotes and short programs:

How to give a compliment they will remember forever

Building and Maintaining Trust

Critical Decisions that Impact Your life

Enneagram Types, Certainty, Uncertainty and Decisions

Curiosity - Child’s Play or Superpower

Turning Breakdowns into Breakthroughs


Examples of impactful workshops:

Building Trust and Accountability through Effective Conversations

Vision, Mission and Values

Team Charter and Team Agreements

Teambuilding using the Enneagram

Team Vision, Strategy Development and Team Norms


Ken "meets people where they are" with curiosity and openness

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Ken is awesome!

Ken and I developed and facilitated an Enneagram course together with a third partner.

As a collaborator, Ken is a great co-creator - very supportive, receptive, and easy to work with. He takes a “yes and” approach to integrating everyone’s ideas and will eagerly and happily participate in whatever role he was in – whether that was leading, teaching, facilitating breakout groups, or supporting me.

During the workshops, I noticed how well he “meets people where they are” with curiosity and openness. As a teacher, he pulls information and ideas from various sources and he’s skilled at integrating whatever participants bring up into the topic at hand.

He’s also able to handle whatever comes up – if something were to go wrong, he wouldn’t get flustered, he’d just deal with it.

Ken is a great partner, an approachable teacher, and a warm and gentle soul. I feel lucky to have had a chance to work with him and would happily do so again.

Ken facilitated a daylong executive meeting for our global People & Culture leadership team.

Our objectives were to:
create a north star for our people and culture function identify strategic levers to get to our north star form a team charter with our leadership team
This was a challenging assignment due to the mix of different cultures. Ken also had to "play within the box" - working within a global strategy that was already set.

We were impressed with Ken's preparation and delivery - he made productive use of our limited time together. We appreciated his industry knowledge, along with his ability to listen and allow the team to brainstorm and generate their own ideas instead of coming in with his own agenda.

We met our objectives and our team left the meeting feeling aligned and committed to the decisions that we reached.

Ken functions as a sounding board for me.

It’s great to have a neutral third party who isn’t involved in the company dynamics to provide perspective and good, honest feedback.

Our work together is primarily around strengthening alignment and building and maintaining relationships with my peers.

In considering how to engage with others, I like to think through scenarios and evaluate different paths for how things might play out using logical if, then, else structures.

During these sessions, Ken might ask “have you thought about X or Y?” Or he may simply agree with my thinking. Either way, I find it helpful to have him validate that I am notionally headed in the right direction.

I appreciate that Ken always listens first. I’ve worked with other executive coaches in the past and it often seemed like they were following a script. Ken takes a more tailored approach. He asks questions to make sure that we’re going to focus on what is important and relevant to ME.

He’s also genuine. He walks his talk by embodying what he teaches.

I especially appreciate Ken’s high-quality feedback. It can be hard to find people who are neutral, candid, and skilled in this area. He’s also easy to connect with – which is important in a relationship like this.

Interested in booking Ken
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Interested in booking Ken
for a workshop, facilitation,
or speaking engagement?

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“Go and love someone exactly as they are. And then watch them transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves.”

Wes Angelozzi

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