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I know leaders have the responsibility to create a workplace where their team members believe they have the opportunity to be successful and grow.

I know that this work environment is difficult to achieve. I know many people are resentful and resigned to few possibilities. I know people want to be enthusiastic and appreciated.

I know that leaders shape their workplace through their actions and conversations. Leaders are accountable for the consequences of their actions and inactions; intended and unintended consequences.

I know leaders must look inward first if they are to become masterful. They must understand their personality style, blind spots, and strengths. They must learn to be mindful of how they perceive the world and how they “show up” in the world.

Memorable leaders embody a clear purpose that is greater than themselves.

My purpose: I help leaders create and achieve their visions.

I Base My Coaching Practice On These Beliefs

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Being who you want to be is a skill you can learn.

Our bodies, emotions and language seek congruence. If we consciously shift one, the other two will follow.

Our personalities and motivations are a unique manifestation of our culture, our DNA, and our experiences. All these are in the past.

Our passion is found by discovering what we truly care about. From our cares, we have conversations and create commitments for action.

Everything we do is in the present moment. The more present we are to the present moment, the more capable we are to respond thoughtfully, not react impulsively.

We cannot change the past. We can change our interpretation of the past.

The two conversations which will determine your life are the ones you have with others and the one you have with yourself.

People read other people like books. Give them the book you want them to read.

We are never not in an emotion. Our emotions color our observations and influence our actions. Emotional agility can be learned so we can navigate to the emotion that will influence the action we want.

The second step is to practice change until you become the change you want. The first step is to give yourself permission to practice the change.


Ken Roseboom: Official Bio

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Ken Roseboom is the owner of Thinking Partners, a firm that provides executive leadership coaching services to individuals and businesses from Houston, Texas.

Ken’s career with a Fortune 100 company provided him with a plethora of
leadership opportunities where he developed skills in performance management, career development, team development and alignment, creative problem solving & delivering results. He most enjoyed leading teams to work constructively in challenging environments with a focus on relationships, building trust & accountability. He truly “learned by doing.”

Ken believes in his client’s resourcefulness to create the change they want in their life. He works with clients to understand the power of language, the impact of emotions, and the ways they can embody the person they want to become. His training and experience in ontological coaching, enneagram assessment, Alignment, and deep personal work provides a rich resource to support his clients. His personal measure of coaching success is if his client has experienced a significant positive shift in the way they observe and act in their world.

One of Ken’s early project management career decisions was that he consciously shifted from being a single contributor with a declaration that he “leads teams to extraordinary accomplishment.” That simple pivot moment started his organizational leadership journey. Now, Ken brings his passion to support others in their leadership journey to his coaching practice.

About Ken Bio

Education and Affiliations

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BS in Mechanical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude, from Tulane University

ACC Certification - International Coaching Federation, ICF

Newfield Certified Coach

Certified Alignment Practitioner - Leadership Smarts

Certified enneagram practitioner for individuals and teams– Integrative 9

Certified Emotions-Centered Coach - School of Emotions

Advanced negotiation training – Scotwork

Shadow Work® Basic Facilitator Training

Extensive management and leadership training - Chevron

Construction, Engineering, Supervision, and Project Management positions - Chevron


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