Integral Coaching Webinar

 Integral Coaching Presentation

Deepen Your Clients Experience with an Integral
oach to Coaching

Join Bruce Anderson, Master Certified Coach, to explore The Integral Four Quadrant Model of reality developed by internationally acclaimed author Ken Wilber. Bruce’s deep understanding and use of  integral coaching has been highly beneficial in his work with clients over the last 20 years.   His book, The Leadership Mastery Map: Your Path to Becoming an Exceptional Leader, captures this experience and expertise.
For the coach, The Integral Four Quadrant Model is a mental model or map which provides insight and clarity into reality. It addresses all aspects of the client’s world — both externally and internally.

In this overview you will:

  • Learn the structure of The Four Quadrant Model.
  •  Explore how The Integral Approach allows for a holistic approach to any coaching situation or challenge.
  •  Identify areas for development and tools for coaching based on The Integral Approach.
  •  Understand that by taking a client on a journey of discovery with this holistic model, you will have a powerful impact on their work and lives.

Everyone is on multiple developmental paths: psychological, interpersonal, emotional, physical and spiritual—to name a few. Knowing the levels or stages of development along each of these paths can provide powerful insights for you in assisting your clients achieve their goals.

Watch this 30 minute presentation on Integral Coaching.