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Finding Business Leadership Alignment with Enneagram

Owning, leading, and running a business takes a mastery of many different skills. One big area where business owners go astray is properly aligning the team they lead. Alignment means different things to different people.

As a guest on Doug Thorpe’s podcast, we explored the real meaning of alignment in business teams and how to get there.

We also opened the lid on the enneagram and how to use it as a leader to help achieve better team alignment.

Look for these key points:

Building clarity

Seeking alignment

Overcoming the Frozen middle of your company (20:00)

What is SHUVA (23:00)

Understanding the Enneagram for personality assessments

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Ken Roseboom

Ken Roseboom is the President of Thinking Partners. He partners with leaders to increase impact, create aligned teams, and deliver better results. He leverages the Alignment process, assessment tools, expert coaching, and years of front line leadership experience to support his clients.