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Inspiring Thoughtful Leaders to Bold, Impactful Action

Are you a masterful leader who asks great questions and then truly listens?

Curiosity is a superpower. Wisdom asks great questions. Masterful Leaders ask questions and then truly listen for the answers. Then they ask more questions to be sure they fully understand the person’s answer. They create shared and new understandings. A masterful leader finds value in…

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Integral Leadership Means Leaders Pay Attention to Their Inner World

Integral Leaders see all aspects of a situation. The big picture includes inner values, beliefs and internal dynamics. In the four quadrant model, the upper left (individual interior subjective) should be taken into consideration in all decisions and evaluations. We can see examples in the…

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Motivating Employees To Achieve The Strategic Plan (audio recording)

Bruce Presents to Silver Fox Summit September 27, 2006 Learn 5 ways to personally motivate employees. (Hear an audio recording now (10 MB MP3) >>) 10 minutes-click link just once

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When Does An Executive Need Executive Coaching? (article)

Article in Houston Business Journal September 1, 2006 Professional coaches are beneficial to emerging leaders within a company, or to those who have advanced into more strategic roles. (Read complete article (PDF 92KB) >>)

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Coaching: An Emerging Professional Service (ppt + audio)

Bruce presents to The Whitehall Club, River Oaks Country Club August 25, 2006 A review of the evolving professional service of coaching, history, basic concepts and practice. (Load Power Point used in this presentation) (Hear an audio recording now (22 MB MP3) >>) 22 minutes-click…

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Ken Roseboom is the owner of Thinking Partners - The Leadership Coaching Company. He coaches technical industry leaders to increase their impact, deliver results, and create energized teams. Ken leverages Alignment processes, assessment tools, expert coaching, and years of front line leadership experience to support his clients.

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