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Inspiring Thoughtful Leaders to Bold, Impactful Action

The Art of Effective Delegation: Cultivating Leaders and Building Stronger Teams

When done right, delegation not only eases your workload but also grows a new generation of skilled employees and visionary leaders.

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How Your Mind Deceives You in Decision Making

We all suffer from “perception deception” due to past experiences, worldview, mindset, and frame of reference. Here’s what to do about it.

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How Effective Leaders Do What They Know They Should Be Doing

Possessing knowledge does not guarantee a change in behavior. Here’s how leaders can translate knowledge into actions that drive change.

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Do you have a stuck problem? Or do you have a decision problem?

Often, we can find ourselves feeling “stuck” when what we actually have is a decision problem. Here are 4 ways to get unstuck about decisions.

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Surrender to Win

Surrender and losing are not the same. To surrender is to willingly give up control, to willingly stop fighting or resisting. What do we stand to gain from surrendering?

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What does living with purpose look like for you?

Making conscious choices about where and how we spend our precious time and attention might be the key to living a purposeful life. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

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A catalyzing sentence you can use today to shift your team

Great work doesn’t happen in an environment of distrust and discomfort. Use this catalyzing sentence to shift your team.

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Finding Business Leadership Alignment with Enneagram

Owning, leading, and running a business takes a mastery of many different skills. One big area where business owners go astray is properly aligning the team they lead. Alignment means different things to different people. As a guest on Doug Thorpe’s podcast, we explored the real meaning of alignment in business teams and how to get there.

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How to masterfully lead you and your team through anxiety, doubt and uncertainty

Anxiety is a human condition. The sensation of tightening in shoulders; maybe a pit in your stomach; the desire to close down and control everything we can; because you are worried there is something unpleasant “out there” and, whatever it is, it is a possible…

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Yet another frustrating day of being responsible for what you can’t control

I’ve been contemplating the distinctions between responsibility and control lately. Fact is, as leaders and humans we are responsible for far more than we control. As a leader, you are responsible for P&L, schedule, budget, retention, safety, customer success, etc. But do you really control…

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Ken Roseboom is the owner of Thinking Partners - The Leadership Coaching Company. He coaches technical industry leaders to increase their impact, deliver results, and create energized teams. Ken leverages Alignment processes, assessment tools, expert coaching, and years of front line leadership experience to support his clients.

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